Selling Tips

We have summarised a list of selling tips to achieve the best possible sale price.

  • Start at the street
  • Inside
  • Open Day

Start at the Street

Ensure yards are well maintained, weeds removed, front windows cleaned, driveyway/paths swept, gutters are clear and bins are out of site. Repeat process with rear yard.


Clean walls, repaint if needed (neutral colours), scrub skirtings and light fittings, and dust window treatments/curtains. Have carpets professionally cleaned if needed. Allow as much natural light as possible to flow in and de-clutter. Fix leaking taps and squeaky doors.
In some cases, professional styling and furniture hire may be appropriate.

Open Day

Ensure all beds are made and fresh matching towels are on display in the bathroom. Display fresh flowers and/or use scented candles. Ensure warm lighting and control the temperature of the home appropriately. Remove pets and any small valuables.